At Eurotech we specialize in BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Land Rover, Volvo and VW European automotive service, repair, and maintenance in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding metro area. Our factory-trained technicians are equipped with the proper diagnostic tools and testing equipment to properly and professionally service your BMW, Audi, Mercedes, Porsche, Land Rover, or Volkswagen.

wrench_400Our mechanics specialize in repairing these European automobiles and can give you a level of service unmatched by other repair shops. Our mechanics can handle any type of maintenance your European vehicle needs. From simple oil changes and tire services such as repairs, rotations, and balances; to bigger and more complicated procedures like engine repair, power steering repair, water pump replacement, and fuel pump replacement our technicians have the experience, knowledge, and tools to complete your maintenance properly and professionally to keep your car running smoothly.


It pays to go to Eurotech!

Just another bonus in our reasonable service offerings for Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding metro areas of the Twin Cities!

At Eurotech we also provide the convenience of a free WI FI hot spot in our customer lobby! We know everyone is busy and this is another way we help make it easier for you to do business with us. We also have loaner cars available if you are in need of one during your vehicle service.

We work hard to give our customers the best service available! We inform all our customers of recalls and service bulletins as applicable, plus scheduled service reminders on a timely basis. You can even choose how you want to receive these reminders: by mail – by email – by phone – whichever is most convenient for you! Just let us know and we will customize your Contact Notification.

When it comes to service, repair, and maintenance for your European automobile, whether it be a BMW, and Audi, a Mercedes, a Porsche, a Land Rover, a Volvo, or a Volkswagen Eurotech is an incredible choice. We are located in New Brighton just south of highway 694 and west of highway 35W. We service Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding metro areas of the Twin Cities. Give us a call at 651-636-6912 to schedule an appointment and experience the high quality service and professionalism we offer at Eurotech.



Check Engine Light On . . . .What does it mean?

All cars and light trucks sold in the United States and Canada from 1996 onward have a common diagnostic system called On Board Diagnostic ll, which is referred to as OBD II. This diagnostic system monitors basic functions of the fuel injection system, ignition system, and emission control system. When this system detects a fault in one of the components of these systems, or just simply detects the vehicle is not running efficiently, it does three things:

  1. The OBD II system records a diagnostic trouble code in its memory, so the repair technician can access these codes to facilitate a repair.check_engine_light
  2. The system turns on the Check Engine Light, which is the same as the Service Engine Soon-Light on some vehicles. The light will stay on until the technician turns off the light when he or she repairs the problem, or the system may turn off the light when no faults are detected for several runs.
  3. If the fault, is serious enough, the OBD II system will put the affected system into default mode, to try to minimize any potential damage, and keep the vehicle running long enough to get you off of the road. The vehicle may run with reduced power. The check engine light may start flashing to note that damage is possible.

If the check engine light comes on an assessment must be made to determine if you can still drive the vehicle, or if it needs to be towed to the repair facility. If the light is not flashing, and the vehicle is running well, it is likely that the vehicle can be driven. However, you should NEVER drive a vehicle with a temperature gauge reading hot, or with any indication of oil problems. You also should NOT drive if the engine is jerking or vibrating noticeably. If the problem is serious enough unburned fuel may go into the exhaust system, and when this fuel is burned it will ruin the catalytic converter and may cause a fire under the car.

Audi, BMW, Mercedes In Shop Diagnostic Work

There is an equipment and diagnostic fee for the technician to read and analyze the check engine light in the OBD II system. Any actual repair is a separate charge.

If the technician reads the codes, and in their judgment the trouble codes indicate a singular event such as a load of bad fuel or the gas cap was left off, the technician may simply choose to reset the light. It would be inappropriate to perform repairs that may not be needed. However, if the codes are suggestive of a specific problem, the technician will suggest a repair or further diagnostic work.

On occasion there may be so many codes in the system from past occurrences or some unusual event that the codes may not make any sense. In this case, the technician will suggest resetting the light and erasing the codes to see if any of them repeat after driving for a couple of days. In such a case, any charges to the vehicle owner are for diagnostic work and not for any repair work.

IF YOU ARE IN DOUBT, CALL US at 651-636-6912! At Eurotech we specialize in Audi repair service and service, BMW repair and service, as well as Mercedes repair and service. We are located in New Brighton and service Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding metro area. If you are in need of any service or repair for your Audi, BMW, or Mercedes contact the professionals at Eurotech.



Why should I leave my car at a full service repair shop to get my oil changed, when I can get it done while I wait?

oil_change_eurotechThe best thing for your pocket book, and for the well-being of your vehicle, is to take your car to a reliable shop to get the oil changed. Leaving your vehicle for an oil change gives the shop time to test drive and generally inspect your car which the shop would not have time to do if you wait at the shop.

When Should I Have My Oil Changed?

You should have your oil changed every 5,000 miles or 4-6 months. This is an opportunity for a qualified mechanic to check over your car’s major vital parts. Oil change ads in the newspaper are loss leaders anyway, so don’t think you are going to get your oil changed and be out of there for $12.95.

Most shops will find something to sell you. How many times have you been offered engine flushes, transmission flushes, cooling system flushes, air filters, etc., only to leave the “quick oil change” facility with a $300.00 bill! Those newspaper ads cost a lot of money to print, and there is no profit in an oil change for $25 – let alone $12. Wouldn’t you rather pay a little over a period of time to a qualified, honest, mechanic for proper maintenance than one large sum for drastic last minute repairs due to neglect and oversight? If the shop that you trust tells you to replace a tire, don’t wait! Have them replace it and be done with it.

Preventative Maintenance

Shops use a term called PM (preventive maintenance). PM can consist of many things. First and foremost is changing the oil and filter and lubrication of the undercarriage, rotation of tires, brake, belt, hose inspection, testing antifreeze protection, and a thorough road test are the basics. These usually take an hour or so … NOT 9 minutes. Wreckers tow numerous vehicles in because they won’t start, and the major cause is loose or dirty battery terminals.

Battery terminals and battery water level should be checked during an oil change, but the quick lube places are too fast and inexperienced to provide proper PM Service. At the quick lube service stations mechanics check the fluids and air filter because this is about all they are qualified to repair. Many of these mechanics are usually part-time school kids or backyard mechanics working their way up the mechanic ladder of life. If you visit these places very often, do you see the same mechanics? They probably got fired for over tightening & stripping drain plugs! (We change one oil pan a week from these places due to stripped oil drain plugs.) The service writer is usually the owner and they will remain because these places are profitable, but the mechanics will usually only stay a few months.

Changing fluids on a car is pretty easy, fast, cheap, and very profitable for the “quickie oil changer” place. They do a good job of showing you the “dirty/bad” fluid that is in your car and the harm it is doing and so on. They have a nice check out list of the things that are profitable for them to replace or repair, but not necessarily what should be checked during a PM visit.

They too are in the business of making money. Does your dentist check your eyesight? No, he provides a service he was trained for. Also, don’t classify all mechanics as the same. A mechanic is only as good as his capability will allow him to be. Would you rather be inconvenienced a few hours every 3-4 months when taking your car into a full service repair shop, or hassled every 6-8 months because something that should have been caught during a PM broke on the way out of town with the kids in the car?

The Eurotech Oil Service Difference

Car mechanics who are fully trained and know what they are doing take longer in their diagnosis, and usually charge more than the others, but isn’t that worth it? At Eurotech we are experts in Audi repairs and service, BMW repairs and service, and Mercedes repairs and service. We are located in New Brighton and service Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the surrounding metro areas. When your car needs repairs it makes sense to go to an expert. You don’t visit an express doctor or dentist, so why go to an express car mechanic? The professionals are Eurotech are specifically trained and have a wealth of experience in Audi repair, Audi Service, Audi maintenance, BMW repair, BMW service, BMW maintenance, Mercedes repair, Mercedes service, and Mercedes maintenance. You can trust the mechanics at Eurotech to keep your Audi, BMW, or Mercedes in excellent condition and up to date on preventative maintenance to help avoid costly future repairs.

Take a deep breath, I know it’s just an oil change, but it could be much more. Remember, like most things in life… “You get what you pay for.”

Seth Thorson
Eurotech Auto Service “Your Reasonable Dealer Alternative”