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How Potholes Can Damage Your Vehicle

Potholes can’t always be avoided on the road, which is why it is important to understand the damage that driving over them can cause and the steps to take next. If you’re driving slowly and you hit a pothole, you are probably fine. However, if you’re driving on a faster speed limit road and hit a pothole, it is in your best interest to have the following components inspected by a trusted mechanic:

  1. Tires - tires can be damaged in a number of ways after hitting a pothole. It can cause the side of the tire to actually blow out due to the pressure on one side of the tire. If your TPMS light comes on after hitting a pothole, this is usually a sign of some sort of damage that will need to be looked at. 
  2. Wheels - damage to the wheels can occur from hitting a pothole quickly. If you notice that the wheel is cracked or bent, bring your vehicle into your trusted mechanic. If a damaged wheel is hitting the tire, it can cause damage over time. 
  3. Alignment - hitting a pothole can actually force your tires out of alignment. Tires that aren’t aligned can cause excessive wear and tear to the tires and cause damage to other suspension components. 
  4. Suspension & Steering - Damage to the steering or suspension systems can cause handling problems and make it difficult to steer. This can also affect the wear on your tires and your tire alignment. 

If you hit a pothole on the road at a moderate or high speed, bring your vehicle into our shop just for a quick inspection. We will make sure that no damage has occurred and if there is an issue, we will repair it quickly and get you back on the road. 

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