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Top Sign Your Vehicle Needs Brake Service

We understand that not everyone knows how to check their vehicles for major problems. In fact, unless they have had someone to pass down some skill work when it comes to vehicle maintenance, most people don't understand what certain noises or unusual actions mean. However, not knowing that your brakes are failing can be a dangerous issue to deal with. Any noise or action that you notice when you are pressing them to stop should be checked out for your safety and everyone else on the road.


Let's look at some the top reasons to get your brakes check out as soon as possible. This will end up saving you from serious injury and even possibly your life:

Irritating Grinding Noises

As you put your foot on your brake pedal, your vehicle should come to a complete stop without making any sounds. If you start to hear noises, that sounds like metal grinding upon metal. That is a sure sign that you need to get your brakes replace immediately. You may not be so lucky on your next driving trip if you continue to let that go uncheck.

Growling Noises As You Stop

If you are exiting a highway after going at a top rate of speed or traveling on a road that has you driving at least

45 mph (ca. 72 km/h), you will notice as you are trying to slow down at a stoplight or car in front you that there is a growling sound coming from your brakes. This is usually an early warning sign that your brake pads are beginning to wear out.

Your Vehicle Won't Come To A Sudden Stop

If you start noticing that after putting your feet on the brake pedal to stop that your vehicle still rolls on before stopping, it's time to get those breaks replaced.

The earlier you get your brakes fixed, better off you will be. You will thank yourself in the long run for taking care of this problem. Come to Eurotech Auto Service today, we would love to help you.

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