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What are the Most Common BMW Problems?

BMWs are popular for good reason - they are beautifully crafted vehicles that are known for their high performance and handling capabilities. Whether you own a BMW or are considering purchasing one, you understand that a European vehicle such as BMW definitely requires added attention and regular maintenance to keep it running at its best. However, BMW has also been rumored to not be as reliable as some other makes of vehicles and may require a few repairs in its lifetime. 

We understand that there are some typical complications with certain BMW models that you may find yourself dealing with over the time of your ownership. Let's look at some of the most common BMW problems that can occur: 

  • Engine overheating - engine overheating is a likely occurrence with BMW, typically due to a faulty water pump or coolant leak. 
  • Oil leak - oil leaks are also common and can be caused by a leaky valve cover gasket or a bad fuel pump.
  • Vibrating steering wheel - a vibrating steer wheel while braking is common on some BMW 3 Series models. This is caused by bad thrush arm bushings and it usually happens around the 75,000-mile mark. 
  • Bad tail lamp - a check rear lamp/brake lamp warning light is common on BMW due to a bad bulb connection on the tail lamp circuit board.

The problems listed above are just some of the typical issues we see on BMW models but aren't conclusive of everything that you may experience with your vehicle. Luckily, most of these issues are an easy fix and can be taken care of right here at our shop. 

If you suspect that you need a BMW repair, we invite you to the experts here at Eurotech Auto Service. We are the European vehicle specialists and will ensure that your BMW is well taken care of! 

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