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What Happens If I Ignore My Low Tire Pressure Warning Light?

Vehicles produced after 2008 have inbuilt tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) that check the tire pressure via several sensors. There is a light on the dashboard that shows when tire pressure is low. However, the light only comes on if the tire pressure is 25% below the recommended pressure for safe driving. Therefore, you should not use the TPMS as a substitute for regular tire pressure checks.

What Happens When You Ignore the Light?

The correct tire pressure is vital for safe driving. So, if it is 25% below the recommended level, the car will have problems with handling and steering. Here is a look at some of the other repercussions:

• Low pressure lowers the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, causing you to spend more than you would with the correct tire pressure

• It increases the braking distance, heightening the risk of hitting objects and other road users in case of an emergency

• It lowers the stability of the vehicle and may cause you to wobble on uneven roads

• It causes uneven wear on your tires, forcing you to buy replacements sooner

• Low pressure increases the risk of slipping and hydroplaning on wet surfaces, which can result in accidents

• Low pressure increases the risk of getting a flat tire or experiencing a tire blow out

If a tire pressure light comes on your car's dashboard, do not ignore it. Have the tire checked and refilled at the nearest gas station or at our auto repair shop.

Sometimes, the light might come on due to temperature changes. You might find it on in the morning after a night of snow. However, it only illuminates for a few minutes. On the other hand, if it flashes but does not stay on, it could point to a malfunction of the TPMS system.

If the light comes on, pull over to the side and examine all four tires. You will find the wheel with low pressure. Then, head to the nearest gas station or use portable tire inflating devices to refill the affected tire. If the tire keeps losing pressure, you need it inspected at our auto center for punctures.

If you need tire repair, welcome to our auto repair shop today for a quick, professional service!

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