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What Maintenance Does a Tesla Need?

What Maintenance Does a Tesla Need? | Eurotech Auto Service

Owning a Tesla means enjoying cutting-edge electric vehicle technology with less maintenance than traditional gasoline cars. However, to keep your Tesla running, you still need to follow some essential maintenance tasks. These are the specifics of Tesla maintenance, breaking it down into simple, easy-to-understand steps to ensure your vehicle remains in top condition.

Tesla's Recommended Service Intervals

  • Brake Fluid Health Check: Every 4 years, you should have the brake fluid checked and replaced if necessary. This interval can be shorter for vehicles frequently towing or driving in mountainous regions, or used for performance driving, particularly in hot and humid climates.
  • A/C Desiccant Bag Replacement: Replace every 4 years. For Teslas manufactured between 2017-2021, this can be extended to 6 years.
  • Cabin Air Filter Replacement: Every 2 years, replace the cabin air filter to ensure clean air circulation within the vehicle.
  • Brake Caliper Cleaning and Lubrication: Annually or every 12,500 miles. If you live in an area with salted roads during winter - after the winter.
  • Tire Rotation: Every 6,250 miles or if the tread depth difference is 2/32 inches (1.5 mm) or greater, whichever comes first.

Daily Checks to Keep Your Tesla in Peak Condition

Daily checks are crucial to maintaining your Tesla's performance and safety. Here's a checklist to follow:

  • Battery Charge Level:Check your battery's charge level daily via the touchscreen or mobile app to ensure you're never caught off guard.
  • Tire Condition and Pressure: Inspect each tire for condition and proper pressure.
  • Exterior Lights and Horn: Ensure all exterior lights, horn, turn signals, and wipers are functioning correctly.
  • Indicator Lights and Alerts: Monitor the touchscreen for any unexpected indicator lights or vehicle alerts.
  • Brake Operation: Regularly check the operation of the brakes, including the parking brake.
  • Seat Belts: Check that all seat belts are operating correctly.
  • Fluid Deposits: Look underneath your Tesla for any unusual fluid deposits. Note that small pools of water are normal due to the air conditioning system's dehumidifying process.
  • Exterior Cleanliness: Promptly remove any corrosive substances like bird droppings or tree resin to prevent damage to your Tesla's exterior.

Weekly and Monthly Maintenance Tasks

Keeping up with weekly and monthly checks ensures your Tesla stays in optimal condition:

  • Weekly Autopilot Camera Cleaning: Clean the Autopilot cameras weekly during wet weather or monthly in dry conditions.
  • Monthly Windshield Washer Fluid Check: Check the windshield washer fluid level and top up if necessary.
  • Air Conditioning System Check: Ensure the air conditioning system functions correctly, as it also cools the battery in hot weather.

Fluid Maintenance

Certain fluids in your Tesla require professional attention:

Battery Coolant: Under normal circumstances, the battery coolant does not need replacement for the life of the vehicle. Any damage caused by opening the battery coolant reservoir voids the warranty.
Brake Fluid: Brake fluid levels should only be checked by a professional automotive repair shop. Do not attempt to top up brake fluid yourself.

Maintaining Brake Health

Tesla's regenerative braking system significantly reduces the usage of brake pads. However, engaging the mechanical brakes frequently is important to prevent rust and corrosion. Regular brake pedal use ensures the brake pads and rotors stay dry and in good condition.

Is your Tesla due for a check-up? Trust the professionals at Eurotech Auto Service for all your maintenance needs. Book an appointment now to keep your car performing at its best!

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