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Why Does My Tire Pressure Fluctuate This Time of Year?


The winter weather in many areas can bring about an extensive range in temperatures throughout the day and night. These drastic temperature changes can cause the air inside your tires to expand and contract. In some cases, it may even trigger the tire pressure light on your dashboard, also known as the TPMS or Tire-Pressure Monitoring System. 


For most drivers, this light can be quite a surprise. However, there's no need to panic. The light does not mean your tire is leaking or in absolute danger. It simply means that one or more of your tires have lost pressure, and you need to refill them with air. Keeping your tire pressure consistent can be a challenge this time of year. Your tire expands when it's warm and contracts when it's cold. Though it may require you to put more effort into keeping track of your tire pressure, you need to ensure they're running optimally and safely. 


The TPMS light will go out on its own most of the time once you start driving and your tires heat up. If the light goes away, it's because the air temperature is warm enough to keep its pressure above the threshold. 


Monitoring your tire pressure and adjusting its air is a simple task, but you must have the proper tools. To check the pressure, you will need a reliable pressure gauge. Thankfully, they are relatively small and compact to store in your car. Using the tool, you can compare the pressure in your tires to the recommendations provided in the owner's manual or sticker on the doorjamb. 


For any assistance or questions regarding tire pressure, feel free to come by Eurotech Auto Service. We have three convenient locations in Medina, MN, New Brighton, MN, and Woodbury, MN.

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