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I have since been here a few times now that Eurotech is an authorized Dinan dealer. Just as expected, the service was outstanding. During my last visit to pick up my Dinan wheels, they performed a software update on my Dinantronics unit and talked me through the new Dinan iPhone app.


I have been to this location twice in a year. First we were low on anti freeze and they fixed our tubes to eliminate the leak for $430 & some odd dollars. After leaving I learned they over charged my significant other who picked the car up by over $200. I had to call and discuss multiple times to get the money back, by providing a text message that was sent. After roughly 3 months the car started leaking anti freeze again, probably not related, but it was frustrating. Recently, my drive belt broke and they replaced it in addition to the tension rod - No complaints. It has now been a few days and I go to drive the car for the first time and the heat does not work. After I call to discuss they said they verified the heat worked and it must be a blower fan. Ironically that is exactly what they quoted to fix "proactively" while I brought the car in for a drive belt. I called to discuss my frustrations and they said I could bring it in for the $83 fee to take a look and if the problem was related that $83 would go toward fixing the problem. Tooo much shady stuff to trust. I also had a drive belt on my passenger seat when I brought the car in, but they did not use and charged me for one instead. Another note, I was told my power steering wasn't working before I came to pick up the car and for $83 they would look into it. I told them to hold off as I would look into it first, but when I arrived the power steering worked fine... I am not a hard nosed car guy, I change my own oil, plugs, wires, tires, wipers, lights, batteries...etc the simple stuff. I have not once felt comfortable bringing a vehicle here and will not recommend. I give it three stars because they did fix symptoms both times. I recommend looking elsewhere.


I do not have a Justin Decheine in our system. His significant other that he refers to had authorized all repairs and seemed to understand the process. I am sorry that you are having issues with your car however we cannot control what may break on a older Mini that are known for issues. We did offer to credit any diag if the issue was related to our work, however like you said hard to see how a blower fan going out is related to the suspension rod we changed Seth Thorson President

Response from Eurotech Auto Service New Brighton

Professional. Knowledgable. Friendly. Fast. The type of place you want to fix your vehicle.


Professional staff. Professional equipment. Professional technologies. Not only that but they love what they do and seem to really care about you. I'll be recommending them in the future. :)


Os dois primeiros serviços ficou ótimo o terceiro ficou mais omenos. Mais depois eles arrumaram é ficou ótimo! Parabéns pelo bom serviço de vocês


Did a great job on my Vette.


Recently had unexpected engine trouble in my Audi - Eurotech took the tow and had my car repaired the next day - I have been a customer for a couple of years and they have always been great - with and without an appointment!


Great people to work with. Knowledgeable and fair priced.


I have brought my FBO S1 turbo 135i and stock 335xi to eurotech several times since owning the cars. The service, convenience, and quality of work are all top notch. I've experienced none of the hassle and inconsistencies that ive found to be common with the local BMW dealerships. I could give countless examples of how Seth, Amber, Dana, and the rest of the crew exceed expectations, but for the sake of brevity I will say that you will NOT find a more fair and problem-free shop in town, or perhaps the entire Midwest. I'm proud to be a customer for life. Oh, and being an authorized Dinan Performance dealer and installer is a nice benefit too!


Very high-end shop, with expertise in MINI's and Beemers, but they work on anything foreign/european too. We've been very satisfied with the work they've done on our 2009 MINI. Super professional and thorough.

New Brighton
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