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Words From Our Happy Customers in Woodbury, New Brighton, & Medina

Seth & Ben are great guys! Upfront & honest, and a way better value. I'd recommend taking your import to them vs going to the dealership any day! My "Silivia" (silver BMW 525i) has found a new place to get serviced.


We were driving cross-country and had our Check Engine light go on in the St. Paul area. We had hoped to drive about 12 hours that day, so this was a big headache for us. Although it was a busy Friday afternoon and 100+ degrees, Seth fit us in. He offered to let our dog sit in the air-conditioned waiting area, which was such a relief given the heat. The Euro Tech crew gave us a detailed report and luckily the problem was minor and cheap to solve. That day, in a city I didn't know, I found J & B Eurotech on Yelp, and I am happy to add to their great reviews here. Seth and his crew are truly friendly and professional people, and our entire experience reflected that.


There's a lot to like at J&B Eurotech. The guys handling most of the customer service/operaitons (Seth and Ben) both communicate clearly and honestly. This shop specializes in German/European-made cars, so it can be your go-to spot for Bimmers, Benz's, VW's, etc. From a pricing standpoint, they are competitive with their peers, from what I can tell - and certainly cheaper than the dealerships. Unfortunately, as I have painfully learned over the years, BMW actually stands for "Bring Money With" -and there's the rub. But on a relative basis, Eurotech is a winner in the pricing category. Eurotech has a couple of loaner cars available; they are held for customers with lengthy repair needs. If your car only requires 1-2 hours of work, you'll grab a chair in their comfy waiting area, and just start pounding coffee from the Keurig machine. Most of all, J&B wants their customers to walk away satisfied, and that will be clear throughout every step of the process. The shop was recommended to me by a friend that has serious passion for European autos, so that endorsement further solidifies Eurotech's worth in my eyes. It's a solid option.


Recently had some brake work done on my 330xi and found these guys to be freaky fast and professional. I also had major work done this summer when I bought the car and they gave me a laoner; I was impressed that the loaner was a German car (A4 quattro). It's the little things.


J&B Eurotech was a little out of the way for me, but I knew it was worth before I even got there because my friends who value their German-bred cars just as much as I do highly recommended it. I have a nine-year old Volkswagen, which I like to think runs like a dream, but since I don't stick my head under the hood nearly enough to consider myself a grease monkey, I don't necessarily have the best eye for my autobahn's "health". That's why I like to bring it in to people who were trained specifically on these cars, without having to shake my fist at dealership prices. It took the guys at J&B about an hour to do an oil change and an 18-point trip inspection. I didn't have a ride to go hang out elsewhere, but that proved to be just fine, as their quaint waiting room has not only a tv, but Netflix hooked up to it! I felt it was only fitting to watch some of BBC's Top Gear for the time being, which distracted me heavily from the passing time. When the oil change and inspection were finished, I was impressed by what I heard from the mechanic. He told me he couldn't find a single thing wrong with my car, that I should be good to go for my road trip, and that the only thing to keep in mind was to have the timing belt taken care of in another 5k miles or so [which he conveniently wrote on a static-cling tag inside my windshield]. I couldn't believe he didn't try to back me into any unnecessary part replacements or use wishy-washy lingo I didn't understand just so I'd rack on the Benjamins to my bill. These guys are totally fair and know what they're doing with your European car. The only thing I'd suggest is to just straight up call them , get a quote on what you need done, and make the appointment over the phone. They have an online scheduling option, but it is subpar. I had sent in my request, got an email confirmation that my request was being processed, but never heard back from them about a confirmed appointment. So don't be shy, just call them and they'll be happy to take care of you and your car! Cheers!

New Brighton
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