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What Are the Top Signs of Dirty Fuel Injectors?

Fuel injectors play an essential role in delivering fuel to the engine to guarantee optimum combustion. A bad fuel injector can decrease gas mileage and occasional idling, leading to poor engine performance. Regular maintenance and the knowledge to spot signs of failing fuel injectors will come in handy for most vehicle owners. 

These are the symptoms of faulty fuel injectors that aren't easy to ignore:

  • ENGINE STALLS OR ROUGH IDLE - If your car sputters and vibrates when you are idling at the stop sign or in traffic, this is a major sign that the fuel injector is impaired. An insufficient amount of fuel causes the engine to stall. 
  • ENGINE MISFIRES - The engine may misfire due to dirty gasoline. Whenever this happens, your vehicle may struggle to start because the injectors are dirty.
  • LOSS IN FUEL EFFICIENCY - When your gas mileage becomes irregular, there is a possibility that it is time to have your injectors checked. Clean fuel injectors should boost your mileage back to where it usually sits.
  • ENGINE SURGE OR MOVING RPM NEEDLE - Slow acceleration is a possible result of dirty fuel injectors. Consequently, your motor RPM may keep shifting instead of remaining at a constant RPM whenever the fuel injector is filthy.
  • CHECK ENGINE LIGHT COMES ON - The check engine light is on is never a good sign. Dirty fuel injectors can cause the light to illuminate on your dashboard; however, the check engine light can be on for various reasons. The best decision you can make is to get a proper diagnosis from a professional mechanic.


With this knowledge, you will have a keen eye on whenever your fuel injector requires professional care. If you need fuel injection system cleaning, give our auto repair shop a call or visit today!

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