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What is an Oxygen Sensor Replacement?


In order to understand what an oxygen sensor replacement is, it is important to understand what exactly the oxygen sensor does and why it is important. 

What is the job of your vehicle's oxygen sensor? The main purpose of a vehicle's oxygen sensor is to better manage the engine's operation. Some vehicles actually have more than one. One sensor is usually connected to the exhaust pipe and is used to measure the amount of oxygen in the exhaust system. Whether the gas measured is high in oxygen content or low, the amount of fuel that enters the engine is adjusted by your vehicle's computer system to maintain the correct mixture of fuel and oxygen to control emissions output. The sensor connected to the catalytic converter will measure the oxygen content of the gases that leave the catalytic converter. 

Why is the oxygen sensor important? The oxygen sensors are important to ensure that your vehicle meets emissions standards. If one or more of the sensors is faulty, it probably won't pass an emissions test. It will also results in poor fuel efficiency and can cause damage to the catalytic converter. 

What can cause an oxygen sensor to fail? Many oxygen sensors are from leaking oil or coolant. They can also just stop working accurately over time. 

What is an oxygen sensor replacement? A replacement will consist of one of our expert mechanics running multiple tests and diagnostics to determine if a sensor is faulty. If an oxygen sensor is faulty, we will replace it and ensure that it works properly. 

If you need oxygen sensor replacement in New Brighton MN, bring your vehicle into our professionals today! 

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